Oscar is a victim of the sex toy dungeon

Time: 13 min

He's been here for days, refusing to play. His mysterious master arrives occasionally to see if he's ready yet, to ask if he's willing to give in. For a long time he's refused, preferring instead to return again to his small cage, defiantly rejecting the kinky pleasures of his captor. The smell of cum and lube fills his nostrils constantly, and perhaps it's that aroma which finally makes him unable to say no. Oscar submits and minutes later he's restrained into position with a web of tight rope around his neck and body, kneeling on the roof of his cage as his tight hole is being filled from behind. The fucking machine pumps in and out of his hairy hole and he can't ignore that his heavy cock is drooling in his jock strap. The master steps things up, moving his fresh slave to the swing where the fucking machine can plunge in deeper, harder, allowing Oscar to stroke his big uncut cock and even fuck himself with thick anal beads. Despite his initial reluctance, he can't stop himself from wanking out his load.

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