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Handsome and fit blond lad Andreas always gets what he wants, and right now he wants the mouth and ass of his friend Nestor. The kinky surroundings of the newly-discovered dungeon with a plethora of butt toys laid out in front of them is all it takes for Nestor to be dropping his pants and showing off his smooth little ass. Andreas wastes no time getting his mouth between those cheeks, licking out his friend's hot little hole, his own pale uncut cock soon throbbing and leaking precum as he reveals it for Nestor to gobble. With the taste of clear cock juice on his tongue Nestor is desperate for more, and he certainly gets it when his buddy head to the back again and slides his bareback dick deep inside his chute. Nestor is in heaven, his underwear-framed ass cheeks split and stuffed with dick, his waistband used for leverage as Andreas pounds his bare dick in and out of his rump. The pleasure only grows when Nestor gets on his back for a deeper fucking, rammed until Andreas needs to pull out and squirt his cream all over his friend's slutty little hole. The warmth of his buddy's cum sliding back into his hole soon has Nestor pumping his own thick cream out!

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