Rafa Marco

Rafa Marco

He had never done porn until he found us, but this didn't stop him for being put in front of Ricky Strong to obey his demands and being humiliated by him. Rafa is pure freshness and a really hot lad, believe us when we say that he is truly insatiable. Because of his rebelliousness, he needs a hard male to put him right. Don't miss his clips if you want to see how he is disciplined by our machos.
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Who wouldn't become an eager and servile puppy for handsome and fit jock Abraham Montenegro? Sexy young Rafa Marco certainly will, and he most certainly does in this incredible worshiping session. He's led and directed by his handsome and hairy dom top, starting with those sporty and incredibly manly feet. After giving his sneakers a tongue bath smooth boy Rafa gets a taste of his sweaty white socks before they're slipped off and he finally tastes Abraham's naked jock feet, sucking on those toes, licking his soles, slipping his tongue between those digits. It's enough to have any master hard and horny, so it's not surprising Abraham reveals a rock solid cock for his chained pup to suck. After obediently worshiping his handsome boner his perfect hole is offered, willingly, soon filled with stiff jock cock as Abraham plunges into his opening and fucks him deep and hard, controlled by the chain around his neck and used until both are ready to stroke out their copious cum loads together.

Rafa Marco can't resist the sight of those sexy bare feet, he's soon on his knees licking those soles and sucking those toes. When David Paw wakes up he's more than happy to be getting all that attention, his big uncut cock is soon out and throbbing in his stroking fist. The handsome lad wanks his meat and fucks his sneaker, servicing Rafa's feet in return before getting a taste of his buddy's wet and glistening fuck stick. Their cocks are so hard, so juicy, they can't get enough while they take turns slurping each other. With the taste of precum on their tongues foot loving boy Rafa offers his tight hole for his buddy to plunge his incredible meat into, taking it raw, on his back, getting his big load fucked out of him. His fresh white cum spews over his abs and makes a sticky mess, soon to be doubled when David’s big dick starts hosing him down with semen.

Lucas Costas, a stocky-set Spanish dude with a fat XL fucktool, loves petit guys like cropped-haired Rafa Marco. He’s especially into lads who are tied up before him, waiting for him to trample over them, using them as his human carpet. Rafa really gets put through his paces in this hot session. He has to take a beating, lick his top’s feet and in the end give up his sweet hole for as much fucking as his master needs.

Having a wank with his younger buddy Alec Loob, Rafa Marco suddenly gets boned hard for his sneakers and gets down to sniff out Alec’s firey red Nikes. The stink turns him on even more, and his cock chubs up even fatter than before. Alec gets kicked into full gear too when Rafa starts licking his feet and fucking his sports shoes. Rafa‘s cunt is up for it now – Alec bangs about in his bottom until the lads are ready to bust a chunky nutt over their sneaks.

Rafa Marco is a young sub pig who can pack a lot in. He loves kneeling in front of fresh, muscular Valentino to suck on his swollen cock and is happy to get his ears boxed if he doesn't service him well enough. Valentino ruthlessly takes what he wants from his human sex toy, thrashing his ass with his strong hands and leather whip. After the spanking session the red-raw bubble butt is finally ready for fucking, and the good-looking young chav dumps his creamy load into his bottom slut's hungry mouth.

Danman's got pressure built up in his nuts and takes aim at Rafa's petit bubblebutt. The sporty top is even more riled up that his buddy is being a smartass and not pulling his weight at training today. Punishment's due, and Rafa's going to pay! His dominant mate takes out his pent-up aggression on little Rafa ? he gets his butt smacked, get used as a spit dropcloth and has to lick Danman's feet. At least after the humiliation he manages to escape worse punishment by taking a real good fucking?

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Dominant jock Abraham and his eager foot loving puppy
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