Ivan Rueda

Ivan Rueda

Ivan est une bombe de caillera comme on les aime. Crâne ras, tatouages sur son corps viril et regard d'acier du mec à qui faut pas la jouer. Mais attention quand il est au pieu Ivan sait se retourner ...
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Ivan Rueda and Timo like to break in little passive dudes. They don't know they like cock until they've had it down their throat and up their tight ass. Ivan and Timo teach them how to worship hot scallies' dicks like theirs. See how they get their hands on a dude they find doing push-ups in the outdoor...

Outdoor fun is the plan of action for this exhibitionist threesome as they head out on the boat for some hardcore fucking. Kicking back for some intense foot worship of their smelly feet and sox, they quickly move on to some loud, gagging throatfucking before Ivan and Sydney decide it's time for Julio to give up his ass for the lads. He squeals like a stuck pig as they take their turns plunging into his asshole until the heat gets turned right up with the ultimate hole-stretching double penetration. Massive loads grunted out all over the bitch's smooth bubblebutt.


Cool boys who only have hardcore sex in mind and thick cocks in their pants ? these are the YOUNG BASTARDS on this DVD. Piss, domination, and 2-in-1 fucks are just a few examples of their horny games. Jesco (18) gets rammed by two dicks at the same time and Ruben (25) has to take rough beatings and kicks and let himself be humiliated. In five scenes eleven horny, sexy guys show us what's what!

Chilling out on the water is an invitation for studs Ivan and Romano to get their sticky, sweaty bods out on display. Blond, smooth Romano is a great contrast to Ivan fuzzy, dark ass as they trade rimjobs. Fingering his fuckbuddy and lapping at his hairy hole to make sure he's good and open, Ivan goes in for the real deal, banging his macho meat into his mate until Romano is moaning and grunting like he's in heat. He sucks on Ivan's hairy ballsack until the sperm is ready to fly, then tugs a load out of his own pierced cock and over his abs.

Ivan Rueda is a rascal who likes to cruise for hot boys... When he spots one he brings him to a quiet corner of the park to use him as he pleases... Today is a sunny day and the boys are out. Ivan has no problem finding a dude to worship his sneakers and beautiful cock!

After a photo shoot, model Ivan (21) desperately needs to take a piss, so the photographer´s assistant Basti (25) is then used as a toilet. A hardcore wet session then starts and Basti has to drink the piss from Ivan and photographer Timo (27) in turn, and during the breaks he has their thick cocks thrust deep down his throat. While Timo is ramming his hard 20x5 knob into this throat right up to the hilt and Ivan is fucking his ass, Basti moans in ecstasy...

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There are 3 other videos with Ivan Rueda on this website There are 3 other videos with Ivan Rueda on this website
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