This Madrilenian, resident in Switzerland, is the star of our sixth scene and the typical kid that you never would think that has a real slave dog inside. A brilliant spankee, human dog and masochist, areas in he does not have rival. Do not lose track of this kid, because he always wants more and more?
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Three workers are repairing tracks when they catch two youngsters trying to steal some tools. They decide to punish them and tie them up under loads of spit and slaps. The two victims suffocate on the thick cocks as the guys share their wet mouths and tight holes and abuse them roughly. The twinks end up under a shower of piss and cum. With such a sentence, not sure they won't try to steal again !

Abraham Montenegro and his doggy Cristian Martin show off their hot black and red latex gear. In his dog box, the eager pup is up for all kinds of dirty deeds: a beer shower, ass gaping with a speculum, training, monster dildos, piss and a cum facial keep both the dog and his master happy.

Young Bastards prison? the only one that makes you feel like being naughty just to get convicted there ! We now meet Greg Century as a pervert doc giving this young prisoner an examination. Thorough inspection of the naked lad from head to toe then Greg settles him on the examination chair and fills his mouth with his hard cock. Tied up with spread legs, young guy has his hole offered and Greg will spend time on it, first with fingers then with large dildos and finally hands to stretch it open. Young hole gets brutalized and the kinky doc is rock-hard and will end up wanting on the victim's face and shooting a huge load.

Back in the remote Young Bastards prison where two perverts guards have grounded two convicts, planning to abuse them. On one side Jordan Fox gets a bound bastard and tortures his cock, balls and tits. On the other side his colleague fills up a twinks mouth with his huge rod. Then they gather their preys and unwind in a cell. No choice for the youngsters but to put up with the XXL cocks !

Piss and big dicks - FILM COMPLET
Piss and big dicks - FILM COMPLET

Young pervs drink piss and have lots of fun with huge cocks. Basti gets a good humping from his mate Flo after being forced to guzzle beer and his pee. Two twinks get chained and raped by a team of track workers. It's a fisting fest in the open air and super-well endowed Luke ends up drinking his own piss. Six scenes at a breathless pace featuring the hottest twinks around.

Hard punition by macho workers
Doggy Play and Ass Stretching in Latex
Pervert examination
Perverts guards with XXL cocks
Behind The Bars
Piss and big dicks - FILM COMPLET
Prison Camp - fucked into submission
Prison Camp 2 - anal assault
There are 2 other videos with CRISTIAN MARTIN on this website There are 2 other videos with CRISTIAN MARTIN on this website
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