Brice Farmer

Brice Farmer

Brice Farmer is 22 and already a promising star in the Gay porn industry. He's the winner of Hotcast. You have to see this hot dude for yourself, on DVD in "Hotcast", "Hotcast" X rated version and also on Universblack DVD "Matos De Blackos".
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It quickly becomes clear to Brice when taking photos of Moskito that he is not only interested in portraits? Steve is caught graffiting by Timo the security guard and gets a good beating from his big truncheon? The two workmen Chris and Michael relax having a horny rough-and-tumble around the compound? And before Peto gets down to it with Jaden, gets his dirty socks and sneakers licked and gives him a good (!) screwing, Jake takes care of Daniels? ass. Daniels? face not only shows pleasure? Dominant studs in cool sportswear (four scenes bonustrack) hanging out in graffitized locations and giving devote pussy boys what they need: fat cocks in their mouths and in their asses! Gentle fucking was yesterday ? today is KALLAMACKA. More than 90 Minutes of top-quality hardcore action.

Strafraum - FILM COMPLET
Strafraum - FILM COMPLET

L'ancienne base militaire sur le Teufelsberg à Berlin sert du terrain de jeu à ce DVD.Un jeu décontracté de basket-ball transforme en session de baise. Brice se permet d'être regardé alors qu'il se branle et défonce Max finalement. La poursuite sauvage entre deux flics en civils et Marcel se termine en punition bien méritée !! Kallum et Troy vont et explorent le secteur et passent à l'action dans tous les coins. Avant de baiser Ben, Robert permet à ses entraîneurs de lécher ses chaussettes en sueur avec un plaisir sadique. Il y avait des baises banales, aujourd'hui il y a KALLAMACKA !CASTING : BRICE FARMER, MAX SCHNEIDER, KALLUM ASH, TROY BOLTON, TIME, MARCEL, CHRIS FORNY, BEN, ROBERT, RODRIGO, MOSKITO90 MINUTES - 5 SCENES

Brice Farmer has discovered a new hobby: photography. He meets a young dude in a factory for a photo-shoot. The dude wants to break into the porn industry. Brice directs him and makes him assume some really sexy poses... When the twink unwraps his candy bar, it's a big stick that catches Brice's attention in a second. He tastes the meaty cock..but there's more to cum...

A hot guy is having a smoke and minding his own business when Brice Farmer appears in front of him out of nowhere! He quickly swaps his cigarette for Brice's big cigar. In front of a wall covered with graffiti, the Stud gets rid of the boy's clothes and fucks him doggy style!

Brice Farmer is multi-talented and always up for a challenge! A hot fuck in the toilet of a night club is something he's never done before... It all starts with a hot male in the cubicle, mutual blow-jobs, when his buddy comes along and start taking turns at fucking the hot stud's ass. Don't miss this toilet-fuck!

Brice is back and as sexy as ever! The porn star, first discovered in HotCast, is having fun in a warehouse with another two hot boys wearing just white undies. Brice rubs, sucks, licks and fuck in his famous rhythmic way, giving pleasure to his boys!

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You like this guy? There are 56 other videos with Brice Farmer on our other website You like this guy? There are 56 other videos with Brice Farmer on our other website
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