Pig Boy Ruben

Pig Boy Ruben

His name says it all, this boy is a real pig, and just because he can take a huge dick up the ass better than any bitch does not mean he is one, this is true versatile and pervert hunk. Aggressive and dominant Top, he has also proven more than once his ability to take the biggest dicks or conquer the most reluctant asses. Ruben is without doubt more than a hot model, He's a strong personality and possibly the favorite of our director..
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If you decide to meet up with Fred and Yann, expect a rough hardcore fuck-session. They're gonna trash your ass, spit on you, spank you hard and fuck your throat. Once they start on your hole, it will never be the same again!

Kallamacka fucker Moskito has finally met his match. The open-ass bottom has crossed paths with sadistic skinhead chav Ruben. Once he's out of his kit his ripped body is revealed to be dripping with ink, and once Moskito is ass up on the bed Ruben can really get to work opening his hole. Drilling into him with a huge dildo dong, he coats his sub in spit before humping in for a deep dick drilling. When the loads get dumped, Moskito takes a massive geyser of ball grease to the face before he's allowed to pump the cum over Ruben's sweaty sneaks.

A dude with beautiful blond hair is tied up to a chair. His mouth is covered with duct tape. He cannot move. Two minutes within the video, the poor dude's hair is quickly disappearing as his tormentor is shaves his head then...things turn around and the punisher becomes the victim, to be abused and humiliated!

Berlin Beer Bondage - FILM COMPLET
Berlin Beer Bondage - FILM COMPLET

On the streets of Berlin lads get kidnapped to be used and abused in dingy basements by a bunch of domineering machos. Piss, bondage, beer and whacking, they'll resort to any suitable method to humiliate their victims who must indulge their every sexual whim. However Mika manages to overpower his abductor and gets his revenge... Five horny scenes featuring a pillory, spanking benches, handcuffs, spitting, loads of piss and superb cumshots!

Dirty little boy!
CUMPILATION 1 (Cum everywhere)
Pig Boy destroyed
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