Josh Milk

Josh Milk

Josh Milk is one of our best masters. He's able to put any slave we send him to his place. Check out all the films we have starring this young promising actor.
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Geo Dovek has been obediently waiting for the return of master Josh Milk. His cock has been hard and leaking all day long, desperate to get what he needs. Finally his handsome dom has returned, ready for a full play session. Geo knows what it means when the master pays particular attention to his tight ass, fingering his opening and warming him up. Soon enough his favourite toy is out, a piston-powered dildo, with master Josh at the controls. The horny dom watches as the toy slides in and out, enjoying the view of his slave's hole being fucked. Worked up and ready for more, master Josh gets naked, giving his sub a reach around and wanking him off while the dildo continues to fuck Geo's willing hole. Finally the master is ready, his engorged cock dripping as Geo services him, sucking that meat while his hole continues to be piston-fucked. He's rewarded handsomely for his obedience as Josh begins pumping a massive mess of hot semen from his cock, with Geo greedily sucking up every last drop.

Dani Rivera, strapped onto an Andreas cross, waits for his punisher with his eyes blindfolded. The master, Josh Milk, gets to work on Dani's ass with some well-aimed strikes of his hands and belt until the horny bottom's huge tool has swollen up to a semi. The pain-loving bitch moans longingly with every hit. When Josh needs to piss, Dani is allowed to chug back the rank stream, which of course ends up with him taking a deepthroat ramming and rough fucking. As a reward for his dutiful service he gets a load of the master's slime pumped into his open mouth.

Rough ride for petit, good-looking twink Alec Loob! On a leash and in his dogcollar for his training with brutal machos Josh Milk and Dmitri Osten, he learns that a helpless puppy's first duty is to behave. Slaps and spit are just a couple of the training methods that Alec has to put up with. Afterwards he's tied up and pissed before the tattooed blokes take turns fucking him deep until they spray him with sperm!

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