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Oscar Wood wakes up in a straight jacket, his ass out and being slapped, dominant fuck buddies Abraham Montenegro and Denis spitting in his face and grabbing him all over, ready to start using him. There's nothing he can do about it, their cocks are loaded with cum and they're gonna fuck his bare ass and feed his wet mouth to get themselves off. With Oscar’s pucker licked and his gob stuffed with dick he tries to fight them, but he's powerless as the two throw him around and use him for their own pleasure. He can't stop his own uncut cock from starting to throb when they wank and suck him, the feel of a hard dick slamming into his hole only makes his shaft leak precum even more. When he's finally given some freedom and the restraints are removed he doesn't want to escape, his own need to cum has taken over, his load rising while the aggressive fuckers ram his holes and shoot their jizz all over him.

He's been here for days, refusing to play. His mysterious master arrives occasionally to see if he's ready yet, to ask if he's willing to give in. For a long time he's refused, preferring instead to return again to his small cage, defiantly rejecting the kinky pleasures of his captor. The smell of cum and lube fills his nostrils constantly, and perhaps it's that aroma which finally makes him unable to say no. Oscar submits and minutes later he's restrained into position with a web of tight rope around his neck and body, kneeling on the roof of his cage as his tight hole is being filled from behind. The fucking machine pumps in and out of his hairy hole and he can't ignore that his heavy cock is drooling in his jock strap. The master steps things up, moving his fresh slave to the swing where the fucking machine can plunge in deeper, harder, allowing Oscar to stroke his big uncut cock and even fuck himself with thick anal beads. Despite his initial reluctance, he can't stop himself from wanking out his load.

Alec Loob is a very fit young sporty guy with the most amazing feet, and although he's new to letting a guy go at it his curiosity gets the better of him. Oscar Wood loves those sneakers, but he craves those suckable toes and those smooth soles even more. After working Alec's naked feet he shows him just how horny it's made him, revealing his big throbbing uncut cock, wet with precum and craving pleasure. Alec can't believe how turned on his friend is, but his own gorgeous cock is soon out for sucking and Oscar turns his oral skills to that big shaft. The sporty young man can't stop now, not when Oscar offers his tight hole for his friend to sink his hard cock into. He grabs Oscar's big shaft and wanks him off while he fucks his hole, bending over to lick his tip and foreskin before both are ready to start splashing their cream. See Oscar getting the messy reward he craved from the start, all over his trained body.

You like Oscar Wood? There are 18 other videos with Oscar Wood on our other website You like Oscar Wood? There are 18 other videos with Oscar Wood on our other website
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