When this gang of chav lads finish up sports training, there’s a hole or two that still need to be stretched – by fat, juicy cocks that don’t stop until they pop. Sweaty pits and feet are the funky backdrop of real men feeding their needs. It’s not just the sweat that gets these dudes wet, either. There’s plenty of bro spit to be thrown around, not to mention a whole team’s worth of baby batter that gets sent flying across those rugged, ripped and inked bods. This workout video is guaranteed to target your biceps and lower arms!

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JP’s been waiting his whole life for this – finally getting to be shared by two of his twinky football mates Timo and Steve. Sucking the fat, smooth cocks up good and stiff and teasing his tops with his hungry tongue, the pierced sub is slowly turned into a pliable fucktoy between the expert tools of his tops. Lowhangers bouncing against his lips, sports tracksuits lying on the floor and getting plugged by one masterful dong after the other, JP’s the perfect piece of spitroast pork that these two have been looking for. They whack out their nut sauce all over his smooth chest, then the lads can finally hit the showers.


Con : Zaho Sebastian MannJP DuboisTimo Krupp In : GiovanniMade in germanySneakersSesso in gruppoTattooSotterraneoMachoEjaculazione facialeExhibsFeatured videoKallamacka DVD: Shootout Tempo : 13'


There’s nothing better in the world for a cocky, dominant top than finding a slut who is ready to serve like they were built for it. Bottom dude Luke is just that kind of a bottom who’ll spend an hour sucking on a set of nuts if his boss tells him to. His top fucker, Kai, has trained him up to suck his stiff pole exactly how he needs it, or nurse on his tight sack until it’s fit to burst. When he finally mounts the scaffold to bust his nutt, he lets Luke lose a load on his sneakers – a little reminder until the next time the chavs pair up.


Con : Luke DesmondKai Cruz In : GiovanniMade in germanySneakersEntrepotsMachoCazzo grandeFeatured videoKallamacka DVD: Shootout Tempo : 14'


Skinny scruff Sky is usually the kind of dude who likes to take charge, but he’s got a weakness that can always make him drop to his knees – smelly sneaks and socks! When Guillaume packs out of his sports gear the smell goes right into the punk’s dick and soon he is slobbering all over the veiny dong, lapping at Guillaume’s balls like a hungry pup. When the sports shoes are off and the feet are in his face this guy is in pecker heaven, licking and worshipping while he whacks his cock, with his top giving him a little footjob help.


Con : Guillaume WayneSky James In : GiovanniMade in germanyEntrepotsSneakersTattooFoot fetishMachoKallamacka DVD: Shootout Tempo : 13'


Kallamacka fucker Moskito has finally met his match. The open-ass bottom has crossed paths with sadistic skinhead chav Ruben. Once he’s out of his kit his ripped body is revealed to be dripping with ink, and once Moskito is ass up on the bed Ruben can really get to work opening his hole. Drilling into him with a huge dildo dong, he coats his sub in spit before humping in for a deep dick drilling. When the loads get dumped, Moskito takes a massive geyser of ball grease to the face before he’s allowed to pump the cum over Ruben’s sweaty sneaks.


Con : Pig Boy Ruben (Ruben Litzki)Moskito In : GiovanniMade in germanyMachoPiercingsTattooSneakersSkinheadsSextoysEjaculazione facialeGli SlaviFeatured videoKallamacka DVD: Shootout Tempo : 16'


Chilling out on the water is an invitation for studs Ivan and Romano to get their sticky, sweaty bods out on display. Blond, smooth Romano is a great contrast to Ivan fuzzy, dark ass as they trade rimjobs. Fingering his fuckbuddy and lapping at his hairy hole to make sure he’s good and open, Ivan goes in for the real deal, banging his macho meat into his mate until Romano is moaning and grunting like he’s in heat. He sucks on Ivan’s hairy ballsack until the sperm is ready to fly, then tugs a load out of his own pierced cock and over his abs.


Con : Ivan RuedaRuben Fuxx In : GiovanniMade in germanyGiardinoTattooPiercingsMaschi pellosiFeatured videoKallamacka DVD: Shootout Tempo : 18'